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CallOfDutyPro.com is your number 1 source for anything Call of Duty related. We live and breathe the Call of Duty franchise and have played it ever since CoD1 came out. Although, to be frank, the franchise has stalled in recent years (Advanced Warfare anyone?), they still come up with some amazing games in the series such as Black Ops.


Our website will give you reviews of the Call of Duty games, cheats, walthroughs and guides. We also allow you to connect with other Call of Duty fans and gamers, so that you can play together, share gamer tags, build clans and compete. We also offer downloads of mods for the Call of Duty games.


Although we’re a relatively new website, we hope you will find it both resourceful and helpful as you advance in your gaming career. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our gamer team will be happy to answer you (right after we’ve finished a Call of Duty game!).